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Removing an app or program from a Mac is relatively easy. If the program comes with an uninstaller, I recommend using that. An uninstaller will be located in the same folder as the app or program. However, most programs do not  come with an uninstaller. All you have to do to delete these programs is to drag the program’s icon to the trash and empty it.
  1. Click the Finder icon in the dock.

How to Remove Program 1

  1. Select the program you wish to delete by clicking it.
 How to Remove Program 2
  1. Drag the program’s icon to the trash.
How to Remove Program 3
  1. Click the trash icon. Select “empty” in the upper righthand corner of the window.
How to Remove Program 4
  1. Confirm that you want to empty the trash by selecting “Empty Trash.” Poof! Your app is gone.
 How to Remove Program 5