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It is possible to do a screen recording using QuickTime for Mac. This is neat if you want to document something you just learned so that you can reference later or share it with someone you are trying to help. Unfortunately, at this time, it will not record audio while recording the screen.
  1. Open QuickTime. Select “File” and “New Screen Recording.”

How to Record Screen Quicktime 1

  1. Click the red button
How to Record Screen Quicktime 2
  1. QuickTime gives you the option of recording the full screen or part of the screen. Using part of the screen is useful for only recording one application. For example, maybe you only want to record what is happing in your web browser.
How to Record Screen Quicktime 3
This is what recording a section of the screen will look like.
How to Record Screen Quicktime 4


  1. Press the circle with a square inside to stop the recording. Then save your video.
 How to Record Screen Quicktime 5